David Baird

Co-Founder & COO

The founder of several successful companies, David Baird’s expertise lies in identifying and evaluating potential investments, and negotiating property developments.

Baird has over 25 years of experience under his belt within the property, investment, wellness and tourism industries, and has raised millions of dollars in seed capital, both in buoyant and flat financial markets. He has experience consulting on and evaluating potential investments, negotiating acquisitions, sourcing funding for projects and serving as a shareholder-business liaison for various public companies.

Alongside acquiring extensive experience in multiple industries, over the years Baird has also developed training programmes in the areas of wealth creation, business systems, marketing, sales and human potential. Baird has also spoken at many public seminars on wellness, business, money and human potential, and his strengths lie in leadership, communication, marketing, situational assessment and his national and international networks.

Baird is a surfing enthusiast and an avid snow-boarder, and he spends his spare time with his wife and 2 children enjoying the active lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast.